Frequent travellers tend away from traditional hotels into hubs; hybrid home-office spaces with “couleur locale”.
New working and new living are words for a sustainable life based on nature, efficiency and empowering people to enjoy.

But just smart is not enough, “gezelligheid” (Dutch for cosiness) is another key-factor; the natural warmth of feeling at home.
All to blur the lines between residential and transient, hotel and home share, social and private, efficiency and inspiring.

Currently we are developing some “Friends” livings, combining the best of both worlds;

  • pure privacy in bed and bath &
  • the fun of sharing in cooking and living.
The Studios have a space between 75 and 90m2 and both users pay their own rent.
When it is time for a change you may suggest new friends.
On top of this and for all residents, a spacious lounge is available to enjoy the live-BIG panoramas